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Excellence in Water Applications

ATEC GmbH is your leading designer and manufacturer of penstocks and your dedicated partner for water solutions. Due to our long-term experience in designing penstocks, we can offer you a wide range of components that will meet your very specific needs. 


We offer:

  • Engineering expertise
  • Wide range of penstocks, gates, flush valves & telescopic valves
  • Standard penstock solutions with modular setups
  • Tailor-made technical solutions:
    - Penstocks for high water pressure
    - Penstocks in large dimensions
    - Penstocks made from special materials
  • Certified manufacturing out of Germany

NEWS, January 2022


On July 15, 2021, Ms. Lork completed her training as an office management assistant with above-average results in the optional qualifications of purchasing and logistics as well as secretarial and assistance. Due to her excellent performance since the start of her training, we have decided without hesitation to offer Ms. Lork permanent employment. She works in the area of project management with the main focus on purchasing, logistics (inbound, outbound), invoicing and documentation.


Ms. Lork is 23 years old and has already been employed at ATEC GmbH since 2018. Prior to her apprenticeship, Ms. Lork completed her secondary school diploma at the Welland Community School and the social science high school at the Justus-von-Liebig School in Aalen.



We are looking forward to further cooperation with her.


We present - our new Sales Director

We would like to provide you with an update on our organization.


As of April 1st Mr Sascha Runge has taken over the lead of our Production Department. Sascha is well experienced and a longtime employee of ATEC GmbH which makes as feel very confident having him in such a key-position. Sascha has been leading our Sales Department since 2 years successfully and will continue in his new role to satisfy your highest expectation towards our products.


We are glad to announce that Mr Uwe Bender has joined ATEC GmbH since April 1st and has accepted the role of Sales Director - following Sascha in leading our sales activities. Uwe is a senior manager and has spent more than 25 years in the water and waste water industry. Of course, Uwe will also reach out to you personally during the next couple of weeks.


With Sascha and Uwe in their new roles we feel well prepared to continue executing on our growth strategy in the future successfully. 


NEWS, March  2021

IE EXPO 2021,   April  20 - 22 in Shanghai, China


Despite Corona, we will be participating in the IE expo in Shanghai - as we did last year - through our local representation.


You'll find us at the German Pavilion in hall E4

NEWS, June 25 2020

NEW APPOINTMENT: IE EXPO 2020,   August  13 - 15 in Shanghai, China

The fair is held annually in Shanghai and is authorized to trade visitors only. Key points of the fair are water and wastewater treatment, waste management and remediation. 

You'll find us at the German Pavilion in hall E4

NEWS, april 23 2020

IFAT 2020 is canceled - next IFAT: May 30 to June 3, 2022

As announced today, IFAT 2020 has been cancelled due to the corona virus. The next IFAT will take place from 30 May to 3 June 2022. The organiser, Messe München, justifies its decision with the legal uncertainty as to whether a major event would even be permitted at this time, and also on the results of a survey conducted among exhibitors and partners.

NEWS, March 12 2020

Visit us at IFAT 2020, September 7 - 11 in Munich, Germany

Are you looking for solutions to the future's challenges? The world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies provides the answers. Being the largest platform for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management the IFAT gathers the industry from all over the world - its innovative offers set benchmarks for the future.

You'll find us at booth 227/326, hall B2

NEWS, February 10 2020

Further strength for our ATEC Team

We are happy to announce that Mr. Markus Greschner has joined our Sales Team.

He is a graduated engineer, 54 years old and has two grown up children. He has long-time experience in international sales and is active at ATEC since February, 1st 2020.

Mr. Greschner will support our Sales Team.

We wish him a good start and much success!

NEWS, january 17 2020

IE EXPO 2020, April 21 - 23 in Shanghai, China POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


The fair is held annually in Shanghai and is authorized to trade visitors only. Key points of the fair are water and wastewater treatment, waste management and remediation. 

You'll find us at the German Pavilion in hall E4

NEWS, DeCember 2020

We congratulate

For the second time, ATEC took over the foundation of the award, endowed with 500 Euros, which has been presented for many years as part of the Christmas party 2019. The award for the best basic course "Process and Environmental Engineering" (VUB) went to Lea Wattenberg in 2019, who with an average grade of 1.1 achieved the best result so far in the VUB price history. Congratulations and good luck, Ms. Wattenberg!

NEWS, September 25 2019

ATEC at 3. TCC Alumni Day on 2019, September 25 in Duga Resa, Croatia

For the third time the German-Croatian initiative TCC Danubius is organizing the TCC Alumni Day. The platform for water sector communication and cooperation. The managing director of the ATEC GmbH, Mr. Florian Unseld, was invited to present the products of the company in the section sewage treatment plants. Shortly after that he gave a presentation about "The benefits of preventive maintenance activities and a path to implement an appropriate strategy". The speech was attended by over 80 experts from all over Croatia. In connection with this the participants could use the remaining time to conduct interesting and deepening conversations.

Learn more at:


Visit us at IE EXPO 2019, April 15 - 17 in Shanghai, China

ATEC will be present at IE EXPO 2019 in Shanghai, China, April 15-17, 2019.

IE EXPO is Asia's leading trade fair for environmental technologies. Visit us and find out more about our solutions - Engineering competence combined with many years of experience for the most demanding water and flood protection applications.

You will find us at the German Pavilion, in Hall E3.

More information at


Westerntech Vietnam and ATEC form an exclusive partnership for Vietnam

Starting in Q3 2018 Westerntech Vietnam, headquartered in Hanoi will distribute the ATEC portfolio for water, wastewater and flood protection solutions in the territory of Vietnam. Westerntech Vietnam was founded by professionals with a high level of expertise, dedication to the environment sector. Experts and engineers in Westerntech Vietnam professionally trained, highly experienced technical, management and coordination of projects in the field of environmental technology with the dynamic, creative and enthusiastic youth helped Westerntech Vietnam undertake projects in various fields to ensure the quality and effectiveness.

“ATEC’s products have high quality and good design, can used for many application. With many years supply in Vietnam, used by large projects, difficult investors ATEC’s products are the right choice for projects in Vietnam. We are pleased to cooperate and represent ATEC in Vietnam” said Van Tiem, Mai; Director of Westerntech Vietnam.

“Already since a couple of years we have worked with Westerntech Vietnam successfully, with the now concluded partnership we want to bring our cooperation to the next level in order to strengthen our footprint in this fast growing region.” said Florian Unseld, MD of ATEC GmbH.

Learn more about our partner for Vietnam on:

News, November 27 2018

ATEC part of the AHK Business Delegation Trip for the Water Sector 2018

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and in partnership with the German Water Partnership, the delegation of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kenya successfully organized a business delegation with ten German technology companies. Florian Unseld was also on board: "We had the opportunity for fruitful B2B discussions with local stakeholders and representatives of Kenya's water industry, including government officials from the Kenya Water Institute (KEWI), the Ministry of Water and Sanitation and Water Services, and to present our innovative solutions."


News, November 13 2018

ATEC GmbH - New Business Unit

"I'm really happy to announce that we can now start our new business. With my almost 15 years of experience in the beverage industry, an enormous network has evolved, which enables us to generate a real impact - even as a small company." says Florian Unseld, Managing Director at ATEC GmbH. "Our first system offered to the brewing industry provides the most modern way to produce non-alcoholic beer, absolutely real in taste and customizable - the possibility finally to be able to offer a tasty "beer for driving people."

With the launch of the new ATEC business unit at November 13, 2018 we also start the #DRIVINGBEER initiative. We take advantage of our experience in plant construction and project implementation and can offer from today on much more than just expertise in water applications - this is what we want to emphasize with our new campaign.

#DRIVINGBEER stands for our ability to advance brewery technology with passion, innovation and development -

always teamed up with our customers and willing to actively drive processes. 

Learn more at


Further Reinforcement of our Team

We are happy to announce another reinforcement of the ATEC team. Since 3.9. Fabian Wachter is on board, he is 38 years old, married and has two children.

He has held senior management positions in aerospace and plant engineering and has deep expertise in supply chain management.

Mr. Wachter will take over the position of Head of Materials Management.

We wish him lots of success and a good start!

NEWS, August 30 2018

Welcome at ATEC!

Just in time for the start of the 2018 apprenticeship season, we would like to welcome our new trainee Nicole Lork to the ATEC GmbH.

Ms. Lork is 19 years old, has a secondary school diploma from the Welland Community School and graduated the Justus von Liebig Highschool in Aalen.

In her training as an office management assistant, Ms. Lork will strengthen the secretariat and be involved in marketing and sales.

All the best to you, Nicole!

NEWS, JUNE 20 2018

Visit us at EXPO APEMEC 2018, June 20 & 21 in Santiago, Chile

ATEC will be present at EXPO APEMEC 2018 in Santiago, Chile on June 20 and 21, 2018.

We will exhibit together with our partner W & F Ingeniería y Maquinas S.A. and the company Wiegert & Bähr.

You will find us at booth 13, venue is the Hotel W.

News, May 16 2018

All Smiles at IFAT 2018

All smiles at #IFAT2018! Best regards from the ATEC team at the GWP booth. "We had a blast so far, great talks and meetings - we're really looking forward to the rest of the week." says Florian Unseld, Managing Director at ATEC GmbH. 

You'll find us at booth 227/326 in hall B2. 

Stop by and learn more about how we're #GUIDINGWATER!

news, May 12 2018


With the launch of the new website on May 13, 2018, we'd also like to introduce our #GUIDINGWATER initiative.

ATEC offers so much more than just the manufacturing and construction of penstocks and components for wastewater applications - this is what we want to emphasize with the #guidingwater campaign.

#GUIDINGWATER is supposed to convey the message of our ability to manage and guide water - to bring it in the right direction, so to speak. 

Benefit from our complete component portfolio including experienced engineering capabilities to create the most advanced water and flood protection solutions, that's what we call #GUIDINGWATER.

You can now find us on the web not only at, but also at At the same time, we are starting to expand our presence in social networks.

Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram - and of course via #GUIDINGWATER.

news, May 13 2018

Visit us at IFAT 2018, May 14 - 18 in Munich

ATEC will be at IFAT 2018 in Munich, Germany, from May 14-18, 2018 where more than 3,000 exhibitors attend the World's Leading Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies to showcase their pioneering technologies, innovations, strategies and solutions tailored to meet the requirements of the market in question.

You'll find us at booth 227/326, hall B2.